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Lee’s memories caught my eye because we have so much in common. My family may have bought your house Lee. We lived in Jones Court with Mays just a hop over my backyard fence. We spent countless hours at the “ditch” as well. Getting haircuts at Sparky’s Barber shop on Broadway, knowing Ron Kovic in high school never realizing what the future had in store for him. Being a member of the Massapequa Fire Department.

I know someone who lives on the old lot now called pirates cove. In 1962 everyone wanted the 5th grade teacher that would take the boys and fathers for a camping trip on the Appalachian Trail. Enjoyed the Massapequa Zoo where Frank Buck ‘Bring them back Alive’ had his collection. Monkey mountain, carousel & brass ring, drive-in movie theater where our father had us hide in the trunk. Spent a lot of time in the three streams before they ‘improved’ it with roads. Remember what we thought was a PT boat moored by the boat launch, understood that they took this to snowbird in Florida. Seem to remember that Jay and the Americans played at a ‘This Magic Moment’ dance held at Berner. Memories from a guy with a failing memory. We moved to Massapequa’s Nassau Shores in 1954 from North Bellmore.

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Went to Berner High whenthey did the experiment of 4th and 5th geaders didn’t work forgot feeder school only can think of Fairfield but wasn’t that a High School oh yes I am old but great memories. Love this site came apon it looking for pictures of old shopping center hoping to find one of dads sadly I have none. Yes, the deli next to what used to be Fays Luncheonette is still there. I rarely get back to Long Island and the Park, but a few months ago I was actually showing my grandchildren where I grew up and I stopped into the deli. We bought sandwiches and drinks and half a pound of potato salad,and it tasted exactly the same as it did back in the late 50’s and 60’s. Haven’t tasted store bought potato salad that good in the past half century. I bet they sell the recipe each time the ownership changes hand. Also enjoyed the nickel cokes sitting on the stools at Fays and the nickle candy bar for the walk back home. Went to Hawthorne School when it first opened and remember very well the principal Helen T Johnson. I live in Manhattan and watched the kids on Cedar Hill in Central Park sleigh ride. There are 10 and 12 year old boys there with their parents there.

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