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With a state of emergency in effect in all three Prairie provinces leaving us unable to congregate, the Day of Mourning was forced to look very different than in previous years. In Manitoba, the Manitoba Federation of Labour livestreamed a ceremony on Facebook. In Alberta, the Edmonton and District Labour Council produced a video as well. The Association of Early Childhood Educators of Alberta asked for PSAC-Prairies to support their ask for the Government of Alberta to provide urgent assistance to early learning centres in Alberta. While the provincial government’s announcement of deferrals for tax payments and the federal government’s offer of interest-free loans are welcome, they are insufficient to help organizations meet immediate and ongoing costs. We signed on to their call and contacted Minister Schulz on behalf of AECEA’s call. After closing their doors on March 17th, 2020, Casino Regina workers anticipated layoff notices. However, due to the mobilization of Local and the PSAC Prairie region, SaskGaming committed to paying workers until April 3rd, 2020. This was a significant victory for members who saw their livelihood dried up practically overnight. At the start of COVID, our academic members moved to virtual work and were able to complete their terms. The impact is being felt more so now that there are less contracts for the fall term as the universities move to a primarily virtual model. We continue to push for health and safety protections for our members and to find ways to connect with members now that some may not even be physically in the same city. Since the office closure, the Prairies region has been hosting weekly webinars, with a focus on health and safety.

  • Counsel argued that REAL had provided proper notice of the technological change even if it did not accept that the closure of the Casino constituted technological change within the meaning of s.
  • Last Wednesday at around 8 pm, the Whitewood Fire Department responded to a semi crashing into a commercial building on the east side of Whitewood.
  • The UCP government also had the gall to attack Alberta’s health care professionals and put forward Bill 30, a piece of legislation that opens the door to privatization of Alberta’s healthcare system in the middle of a pandemic.
  • According to Mr. Hollyoak, Mr. Cressman refused to disclose the matters to the Union.
  • In 1928, the plant was completed and within months it was pumping out 150 cars a day, or nearly one car every 4 minutes.

On August 12, 1997, REAL gave notice to the Unionand its employees that it intended to close the Silver Sage Casino on November 22, 1997. The closure will result in the layoff of 135 casino workers, 40 employees in the operations bargaining unit and 23 employees in the food services bargaining unit. The operations and food service employees are represented by the Union in separate bargaining units. Duty to bargain in good faith — Disclosure — Disclosure obligation arises when employer is asked question at bargaining table or when employer makes decision likely to impact on bargaining unit during term of collective agreement being negotiated. This is all on top of government health policy that is more focused on supporting businesses in the province than the health and safety of Albertans. Currently, bars, restaurants, and casinos are still open, even when Alberta is reporting more active COVID-19 cases than Ontario – a province three times the population of Alberta. I’m genuinely scared for Albertans as the government puts plans in place for field hospitals before considering further community restrictions. In Alberta, contempt is the word that most accurately describes the government’s attitude towards working people and public services. The UCP government also had the gall to attack Alberta’s health care professionals and put forward Bill 30, a piece of legislation that opens the door to privatization of Alberta’s healthcare system in the middle of a pandemic. With Bill 47, Kenney and his government are weakening workers compensation on the backs of injured workers. The Board is not concerned with the content of the proposals put forward by either side except when the content of the proposals indicates bad faith bargaining. In this instance, we find that the Employer’s responses to the Union proposals and its entire bargaining stance to date demonstrate a lack of willingness to bargain a workplace adjustment plan as is required by s. 43 is to provide the union with knowledge of a technological change in advance of its implementation in order to provide the union with an opportunity to negotiate a workplace adjustment plan. In this instance, although the Employer disputed the legal characterization of the closure as constituting a technological change, it nevertheless complied with the notice requirement and opened an opportunity for negotiations related to the change.

SIGA temporarily shutters properties across province

In a news release issued that same day, RCMP said they were holding the gaming equipment as evidence. Some employees even asked for their rights to be read, the chief said, but the RCMP refused. The RCMP, dressed in full camouflage and accompanied by a SWAT team and police dogs, met no resistance from casino workers or band members, he added. “They thought they were being robbed. The people were masked and did not identify themselves.” “I’ve actually called and texted Premier Moe, a few of the other ministers — no response,” said Cameron. CBC wants to help local talent elevate their voices and get their music into more ears locally and beyond. The goal of the Local Music Project is to help introduce its audience, new and old, to Saskatchewan-made music – everywhere and any way they can. There is now a Canadian chapter for the organization – which is the first of its kind in the country – to focus on the climate emergency in the music community. They’re volunteer-driven and looking to amplify the message to artists across Canada. MDE represents all areas of the music industry irrespective of genre, role, gender, race or sexuality and is led by individuals united by a deep concern for the climate and ecological emergency we currently face. Early this year, Stumbletown Distilling released a special Saskatchewan compilation album and is offering to donate net proceeds to SaskMusic. Early in the pandemic, SaskMusic offered assistance through the Emergency Financial Relief Fund and in March 2022 opened ourLive Crew Support fund for an additional intake. We intend to refer any proceeds we’d receive from this project into that budget.

The club would grow and one day enter into the Guinness Record Book as the World’s largest Honky-Tonk. It was here that Mickey started experiencing his first success when he released “Room Full of Roses”. By the mid-seventies his songs were hitting the country charts with regularity. The event has grown from its beginning but the goal has remained the same, to provide cultural awareness and enhance pride in the Aboriginal cultures. This is a campus-wide event in which all staff, students and community members are invited to attend in a day filled with activities about Aboriginal cultures. Bear Claw employees were detained in the casino by the police for about an hour and a half, Shepherd said. Police told staff they were under arrest but did not read them their rights. “Public health order restrictions are intended to reduce this risk by limiting the movement of people as much as possible, including by reducing in-person gathering sizes,” said a statement. SaskMusic and Canadian partners will be presenting an additional pre-TGE Canadian artist showcase in London on Tuesday, May 10 at Strongroom. Additionally, opportunities for the artists to participate in B2B meetings pre-TGE are being coordinated by SaskMusic’s in-market export consultant, Enki Music. It’s been 10 years since the Lemmon Stage launched the careers of some of Canada’s favourite artists, Sumo Cyco, the Beaches, Courage My Love, Seaway, and many more at the Vans Warped Tour. The Lemmon Stage returned in 2021 to bring fans the best of emerging music all year round. Housed inside Toronto’s legendary El Mocambo, their Tuesday weekly events feature music from the best in new talent, plus some special guests along the way. Leading up to the May 15 JUNO Awards broadcast, CBC will be live streaming many JUNO week events. 11 creates an obligation inconsistent with another duty which has been imposed on employers, that of disclosing information necessary to allow bargaining to proceed on a realistic basis. 64 On REAL’s application against the Union, counsel indicated that the application was filed for the purpose of having the Board decide if there was an operations agreement in effect.


There were regular phone calls with SaskGaming as the pressure continued to extend this commitment beyond that deadline. Unfortunately the Crown Corporation decided on its own to issue temporary layoff notices to 549 unionized staff and 42 non-union employees effective April 3rd. The union was made aware of this information on an afternoon phone meeting on March 26th. In early June, former staff came forward online through #CMHRstoplying following online support expressed on the museum’s Facebook page for the Black Lives Matter protest in Winnipeg. Former staff detailed harassment, discrimination, inappropriate practises as well as being silenced and pushed out of their jobs. Staff were also forced to censor gay content in the museum for specific groups. We were saddened but unfortunately not shocked to hear of these stories. The PSAC Local at the museum has been raising these issues with museum management since at least October 2018. As recently as two weeks before the information was made public, the Union made proposals in contract talks with the museum to ensure anti-harassment training for all museum staff – including management – proposals that were rejected by the museum. As many units were in the process of strike votes or preparing for the beginning of strike votes, I attended several events including a UNE Alberta initiative for Parks locals to start planning for strike votes. This continues to be an unusual time and I know we are all adjusting to this new COVID reality. It’s been very challenging for me not to be able to interact with members in person. I never thought that we would be running ratification votes for a potential 19,000 members all online. I also never thought that we would have to cancel our typical Labour Day activities because they go against basically every public health order. The organization operates seven casinos, which employs hundreds of First Nations people “who have mortgage payments, who live in the towns and cities, who all pay taxes,” Cameron said Friday. Due to the closure of many businesses across the province, the company had to temporarily lay off 570 permanent employees. When the company was allowed to reopen properties in July only 318 returned to work at Casino Regina and 69 at Casino Moose Jaw. Also, properties operated in a reduced guest capacity, with limited working hours and food and drinks amenities. Charities eager to restart bingo fundraisers as halls, casinos reopen All of Regina’s bingo halls and Casino Regina will reopen on Thursday under Phase 4 of the provincial government’s reopening plan. The general revenue fund is supposed to help fulfil the government’s obligations to the First Nations Trust, which distributes funds to First Nations in the province to be spent on economic development, educational development, senior and youth programs. The auto industry lost $16 million in one day, and investors yanked out another $14 million the next. The following years would bring out the Dirty Thirties in Saskatchewan, taking what once was a rising, prosperous province down into dust. Being a small church that could only hold 300 people, plans were made to create a much larger cathedral near the corner of College Ave. and Broad Street. As time passed and Regina didn’t become a heavily Anglican city, this plan was disbanded and the area of land remains vacant. Once plans to build this cathedral fell through, St. Paul’s was elevated from a pro-cathedral to a cathedral. To give them a job, the City of Regina started a program to widen and deepen Wascana Lake. No machines were used during the dig, as they wanted it to take as long as possible, and hire as many men as they could afford. This dig changed the coastline of the lake, and created several islands. In 2003 and 2004, a similar program was done to deepen the lake even further. Government House is also known for its ghost, Cheun Lee or “Howie”, one of the former cooks. Howie was a Chinese immigrant so it is unknown how he achieved such a high positioned job as the Chinese were living in extreme poverty at the time. Although he died decades ago, it is believed he still wanders the halls of the building as there have been many mysterious occurrences, such as doors opening and closing, footsteps being heard, and tablecloths falling off tables. Both times I have been to the Government House I witnessed the aftermath of a paranormal event, so I personally believe there is something to the story. SK Arts provides funding and support to the arts for the benefit of all people in Saskatchewan. We could not provide this level of service to the public without ongoing funding from the Government of Saskatchewan and partners such as SaskCulture and Sask Lotteries. Presented by the Saskatchewan Arts Board, the Saskatchewan Arts Awards celebrates the achievements of individuals, groups and organizations in all arts disciplines. The event brings artists, arts organizations, patrons of the arts and members of the business community together to celebrate the enormous contributions the arts community makes to our province’s quality of life and economy.

In normal circumstances, the gaming operator pays 50% of its net income to the province’s general revenue fund, and 80% of the remaining is channeled into its holding company Crown Investments Corporation. However, due to the lack of funds, the company did not honor its payments to the funds, and instead, the corporation received CA$4 million from its holding company. Despite the rough start of the fiscal year, the gaming company managed to improve its results in the second quarter of the year. However, later in December, a second lockdown closed down properties once again. Since then, casinos have remained closed down until the end of the fiscal year in April. For the fiscal year revenue hit CA$30.9 million, which fades away to the previous year’s CA$114.1 million. Several in-person events are planned around the province to mark National Indigenous People’s Day from grand openings to cultural events. Patrons of casinos in Regina and Moose Jaw lined up outside the doors before they opened at 9 a.m. Normally the public casino operator pays 50 per cent of its net income into the province’s general revenue fund. Then, 80 per cent of the rest is provided to its holding company, Crown Investments Corporation , in the form of a dividend. That included reduced food and beverage services, reduced hours and increased cleaning of high touch surfaces. In 1939 Canada joined World War II. At the time, the Royal Saskatchewan Museum was located in the Normal School. The military wished to turn the school into a Commonwealth Air Training Plan, so the museum relocated to the old GMC Building. Months later they would have to relocate again, as the military wished to convert the plant into a munitions factory. Anti-tanks guns, anti-aircraft guns and, according to one historian, “a secret weapon” were built here. No proof of that secret weapon has ever been found because as soon as the war ended, the building was gutted. GMC proposed this idea to the City of Regina, and rumor broke out that if successful, it could transform Regina into the next “Motor City”.

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When they arrived, the Prime Minister refused to assist them, leaving them more frustrated then when the arrived. When they returned to Regina they began plans to hold a rally to discuss the lack of resolutions with the rest of the farmers. To prevent further confrontation, the local authorities infiltrated the rally in an attempt to arrest the leaders. The riot saw guns and tear gas being used at the farmers, cars being tipped over and many shops in Downtown Regina having their windows smashed. One person died in the riot, while another who died later from injuries. The next day, newspapers across the globe lit up about this violent clash and the international community forced Ottawa to address the problem. The sale of Morris Industries has closed, but the Yorkton plant is not part of the deal. The final approval of the sale was granted in Saskatoon Court of Queen’s Bench by Justice Sean Smith on Dec. 22 to Superior Farms Solutions LP, and its general partner, Rite Way Mfg. A total of 70 employees – 20 currently active and 50 laid off at this time – will lose their jobs due to the closing of the Yorkton facility. On the financial side, Hansen said the closures would likely have an impact on the organization’s community development funds throughout the province. The First Nations owned gaming authority said the closing is also in line with the province’s recommendations to limit public gatherings to 250 people. It was this recommendation which in part pushed SIGA to act, according to president and CEO Zane Hansen. Performing the drop and count of coin and currency for all slot machines and table games. “It’s affecting a whole lot of people, including those children whose parents work in the casinos. Because maybe Mommy and Dad’s not going to be able to afford as much food as they’d like or pay certain bills.” The organization operates seven casinos, which employs hundreds of First Nations people “who have mortgage payments, who live in the towns and cities, who all pay taxes,” Cameron said Friday. A new national study by Canadian Live Music Association, #ClosingTheGap reveals the disproportionately impacted and underrepresented experiences of Indigenous, Black, and People of Colour live music workers in Canada. 89 In this instance, REAL had taken concrete steps by signing the April 10th agreement with SGC-SLGA that would make the closure of the Silver Sage Casino a real possibility within the life of the collective agreements then being negotiated with the Union. Disclosure of the significant provisions in the agreement between it and SGC-SLGA would not constitute an improper threat within the meaning of s. 59 Finally, the Union submitted that REAL’s action in sending employees home without pay when they arrived at work without their uniforms constituted discipline for union activity. The Union was engaged in a proper form of strike activity; REAL was not purporting to lock-out employees when it sent them home. The Union characterized REAL’s action as discriminatory discipline which was meted out by REAL on the improper grounds of union activity. The employer will offer a 3% increase for all current employees effective on the signing of a new collective agreement. 27 On July 25, 1997, the Union received a letter from Mr. Cressman which indicated that he was reviewing the options for the Casino and would let the Union know when he and the Board had reached a decision. This letter was written in response to the persistent rumours of closure and was received by the Union three days before the Union became aware through Ms. Hewitt that closure was going to be announced on August 12, 1997. 19 Starting in November of 1996, the Unionand REAL were also bargaining with respect to the Casino. The main issue at this table centred around REAL’s proposal for block scheduling of part-time employees. REAL indicated to the Unionthat if it had some agreement on this issue, it would be willing to consider other Union proposals. Meetings for the purpose of bargaining this agreement spanned a time frame from November, 1996 to July 21, 1997. 18 The Union then sent REAL its draft of a formal collective agreement which incorporated the terms of settlement. REAL responded by sending the Unionits own version of a formal collective agreement. According to Mr. Hollyoak, REAL’s version of the final agreement contained some corrections to the wording of the Union’s formal agreement that he agreed were proper corrections to make, but it also contained some wording that was incorrect. Mr. Hollyoak testified that he fixed all the matters that required fixing and sent the agreement back to REAL for approval. Since forwarding the amended version of the formal agreement back to REAL, Mr. Hollyoak indicated that he had not heard back from REAL, except for one conversation with Bob Osadchy, Casino Manager, who suggested that they have a meeting on the matter. The graduate employees bargaining unit at the University of Saskatchewan have continued to bargain virtually since the shutdown of online classes at the University. The goal of Bill 32,Restoring Balance in Alberta’s Workplaces Act, it to tip the scales of power in the workplace towards employers and corporations and away from working people. It wages war on Alberta’s unionized workers and undermines foundational rights all workers have through theEmployment Standards Act.