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But a licensing deal with an internet celebrity, and one already familiar with slots and gaming, is something new. Now, Christopher not only finds himself stopped by fans on gaming floors but also frequently invited out by the casinos to make videos. So, make sure that you know how to play slots before deciding to spend tons of money learning. Whether you consider YouTube as part of a greater technocracy or not, the site remains king. And while Brian Christopher’s content is labeled among the best slots channels on YouTube, that will remain the same. Even though YouTube and slots channels appeared to be on the brink of separation, Christopher filed an appeal to get his YouTube channel back immediately after it was suspended. The appeal explained how he hadn’t violated any of the site’s policies. For his part, Christopher’s return to YouTube is not without issues. While his videos were restored, they were not remonetized, meaning that he can’t make any money from them. He was assured that they would be remonetized in 24 to 48 hours but, five days later, it had not happened. So, like the rest of us, it’s back to posting content, but with no guarantee that it will pay off.

I felt like it was my responsibility to show them thatbecause they all rely on me to give them the casino information. When the first casino was reopening, I wanted to be there because I knew that there’d be so many questions about what it was like to be in a casino now. I did my livestream and talked them through the whole process. With the volume of video out there, there’s also some exceptional moments, and this series will highlight them. Check back each week as we add more locations, and be sure to ask your local casino for it.

YouTube Suddenly Took Issue with the Brian Gambles Channel

They called it “Brian Christopher Slots at Plaza”, a gaming area that contains 16 of Christopher’s favorite slot games. When I started, there were only a handful of channels doing what I do. It was always my goal to try and up the game a bit, make it look a bit more professional, work on editing my thumbnails, and get into a groove of something. Then after about six months, I’m like, ‘OK, what can I do better now, to make it look nicer or innovate? So I have to keep reinventing myself to stand out and be different and unique. The popularity of YouTuber Brian Christopher’s channel, Brian Christopher Slots, has found its way into the real world as his likeness pops up in slot rooms and on slot machines. Gaming Arts, LLC is an award-winning end-to-end gaming equipment technology provider of electronic gaming machines, electronic table games, bingo, keno, and emerging technologies. Gaming Arts is privately owned and operated, with its business headquartered in Las Vegas, Nevada, and is licensed in approximately 150 jurisdictions.

  • “That means the world to me that we can have that kind of impact by just playing slot machines and having a good time,” he said.
  • He discusses how he’s been playing the Asian-themed game for a while and betting $8 per spin.
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  • California resident Juli Mangun said she and her husband came to town to watch the unveiling.

Brian Christopher, also know as BCSlots, is a top content creator in the casino gaming world. His content excites and educates the most vibrant, diverse, and deeply engaged community of gamblers. The new space will feature the favorite slot machines of Brian Christopher, a successful video creator and influencer with over half a million followers on his social media channels. A few years ago, Brian Christopher had just moved to Los Angeles from San Francisco to build his acting career and planned his first trip to Las Vegas. When he did a quick search of YouTube for information on what casinos he should visit, Christopher found himself sucked into watching videos of people playing slot machines. “I have quickly become the top influencer for slot machines and casinos on YouTube,” said Brian.


So when people ask me, ‘What’s your budget for the weekend? Every single week we’re at a different location, or in a different city or state, promoting another casino. While we’re on property, we’re filing all those videos with them. We’re also hosting livestreams and meet-and-greets, all other kinds of events like slot tournaments or group pulls together. Gaming Arts COO, Jean Venneman commented, “Gaming Arts is delighted to partner with Brian Christopher Slots in the first ever collaboration of this type. This game is as groundbreaking as it is fun, combining our proven successful brand with the one-of-a-kind influencer, Mr. Brian Christopher. We can’t wait to release it and have our customers’ players experience all of the amazing features and surprises it has to offer,” Venneman concluded. That said, I do enjoy watching these videos and will likely continue to do so. Time will tell if it changes the way I play in real life or not.