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We took the train into the city and then the train to DC. As a kid I also remember the Massapequa Zoo and my favorite ride, the helicopters, with the bar that you pushed forward or pulled back depending on if you wanted to go up or down. I think at that time they were called whirly birds. Spent a lot of summer riding bikes with my friends, especially along the stream through the woods between Linden Blvd and the town park down by the tracks. Just like everyone else plenty of ups and downs, but for the most part a lot of fun. A couple of my friends had boats and we would take our dates across the bay to spend the day at Gilgo or Tobay. Spent a lot of time after school at the Nautulis Diner just down the road from Berner across from the canal.

My route was Nassau rd to Highland st and east shore drive to cedar drive from about 1957 to 1959 more or less. As i recall it was about 80 papers or so. Things are a little hazy after 60+ years. Im tryng to remember the people or familys i used to know. Feldmans and Hannahs and Vandenberg and Wiegand come to mind. That deli was there since the mid sixties although I forgot the name of it. Yes you reminded me of drinking beers around those same hedges at the golf course back in high school! They lived all around me – growing up on Belvedere Drive and going to kindergarten, 1st, 2nd, 3d grades at Birch Lane School in Massapequa Park from 1960 to 1963. Then we moved to Indiana and I haven ‘t been back to Long Island since. Evelyn, I lived on Chicago Avenue at the opposite end between Seaford Avenue and Forest Avenue. I was friends with Eileen Noble, Susan Lutz, the Cravens. Ellen Craven married Michael Castrataro (sp?).

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There’s only Loic and Finn racing for the Specialized downhill team. If they leave, I think Specialized will concentrate on e-bikes and enduro bikes. I’m corious because Specialized still won’t release a new Specialized Demo or something like it. At this time of year, they usually present the new version of the Demo.

Now it’s a stupid florist and they built a funeral where My precious woods were. I wish things need to change even though I wish they wouldn’t. I dont know where Sparky was located previously during his hair cutting career, but he ended up in the shop next to the cigar store on the west side of Broadway. After Sparky retired, he sold the business to an elderly man who worked there until his early 90s. That man sold it to a younger Russian speaking guy who I believe is still running that hair cutting business. It’s amazing how good they come out. I certainly recall the repaving of the roads with the hot tar and blue stone. A tremendous mess and since we lived on a corner the workers would ask if they could get a drink of water from our garden hose. Carol Debrita as my 5th grade teacher. Ms. Debrita was kind to me, listened to me and protected me from the bullies.


He was my sister Eileen’s age and they went to school together. Linda and I made our First Holy Communion together and walked up and down Grand Boulevard showing off our Communion dresses. I have a photo of us in my backyard and we had the same black and white short set on too. As we grew older we didn’t see much of each other and in high school we hung around with different groups of kids, but I always remember Linda as a great person. Anyhow, a great place to have grown up.

  • Remembering Saturday afternoon football games at the high school bug rival East Meadow.
  • Play solo or join clubs, completing various missions that will boost your skills and provide more bonuses.
  • My Dad had the Mobil gas station which later turned into a Sunoco station then finally a Bank across the street.
  • You can customize an abundance of options, including limits, stakes, blinds, starting chips, buy-ins, rebuys, add-ons, time bank, and more.
  • I too grew up in Mass Park what great days.

I rarely get back to Long Island and the Park, but a few months ago I was actually showing my grandchildren where I grew up and I stopped into the deli. We bought sandwiches and drinks and half a pound of potato salad,and it tasted exactly the same as it did back in the late 50’s and 60’s. Haven’t tasted store bought potato salad that good in the past half century. I bet they sell the recipe each time the ownership changes hand. Also enjoyed the nickel cokes sitting on the stools at Fays and the nickle candy bar for the walk back home. Went to Hawthorne School when it first opened and remember very well the principal Helen T Johnson. We skitched on the back of school busses and the Hammer Soda and Charles Chips trucks in the winter. We also played stickball with a strike zone painted on the wall at Hawthorn and Eastlake Schools, at least until the Wackenhut Security car would drive up and chase us off. In the 60s in the Pharmacy on the corner-I remember there were these great color painting of Hippocrates, and other great people of medicine and pharmacy. So years later when i was a medical student-a pharmaceutical company actually gave those out in a calendar form as a freebie.