Bingo Caller Checklist

They are the responsibility of the licensee. The licensee must keep a minimum of 60 per cent of the Base Amount and pay the Operator either a maximum of 40 per cent of the Base Amount or 14 per cent of the gross receipts, whichever is less. The Operator may place bingo paper orders, store bingo paper and monitor inventory. First-time applicants must allow a minimum of 45 days for the Registrar to process their licence application. A completed application on a form issued by the Registrar, signed by at least one of the designated members-in-charge and two principal officers of the organization. Must maintain a separate ledger for each Loonie Progressive game licence. Must sign the Loonie Progressive game licence application. The licence fee for each Loonie Progressive game event is $2.00. The licensee must have an auditable tracking system to record all ticket purchases and to verify a winning Loonie Progressive game. In order to play Game B, players must purchase a Loonie Progressive Game “B” ticket. Unlike in Game A, there is no indicator number drawn.

Each Table Board Bingo event must be conducted at the time slot specified on the licence. The licensee must award a consolation prize when the Super Jackpot is not won within the designated number of bingo numbers called. Applicants must follow the application procedures for obtaining a licence issued by the Registrar. Decision Bingo may not be conducted in conjunction with any other bingo event. Municipalities may charge a Decision Bingo licence fee of up to three per cent of the maximum prizes to be awarded. The municipality must issue a licence for a specific time period and must indicate the maximum number of games allowed during that period. The licensee’s game schedule may include any combination of fixed prize and variable prize games. Variable prize games must show a minimum and maximum prize payout for each game on the schedule. A minimum of three designated bona fide members must be present and in charge of the conduct and management of the event. Licensees may not combine prize boards from more than one event, unless otherwise approved by the Registrar. The prize for each game is fixed, unaffected by the number of players, and listed on the session program. It may be split among multiple winners.

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Want to get your business seen by thousands of readers a month? Advertise with us today! Email with any questions. Here are some of the most popular patterns you’ll see at bingo. You may not have realized this, but the numbers are organized by groups of 15 for each letter. B1-15, I16-30, N31-45, G46-60, O61-75. You can win with this type of bingo by getting the numbers in a row or filling out a column. Petty Officer Jose Maldonado of New York City picks a numbered ball during a live shipwide televised broadcast of “Big Bucks Bingo” on board the… Allen Dias selects a Bingo pingpong ball before a random draw in Oakland, Calif. Oakland officials employed the unusual…

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The licensee must pay any staff reimbursement for out-of-pocket expenses from the lottery trust account and must report it as an expense on the lottery event report. The Operator of the bingo hall may prepare a draft game schedule, suggested prize allocation and suggested bingo paper prices for review and final approval by the licensee. » the start and end time for the time slot during which the Regular Bingo event and any licensed lottery events/games conducted in conjunction with it will be held. Must use a separate lottery account designated as a “trust account” by the bank or other financial institution to administer the Progressive Bingo game licence. S to conduct Table Board Bingo games, in conjunction with a licensed Regular Bingo event. The Table Board Bingo prizes are in addition to the maximum Regular Bingo prize board. Must use a separate lottery trust account to administer all the Super Jackpot licences. Super Jackpot Bingo is a separately licensed bingo game that is part of a Regular Bingo event. The Super Jackpot Bingo prize is in addition to the Regular Bingo event prize board.

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A receipt or invoice is required for any prize with a retail value of $500 or more, including applicable taxes. The retail value of the merchandise offered at Merchandise Bingo events cannot exceed $5,500. It is believed the ball remained hidden in the machine from the previous week’s game and that no suspicious activity took place. There are however sceptical viewers, but with no proof and no gain for anyone involved, the majority of viewers doubt there was any intentional harm done. • Open chute door and drop balls, ensuring all balls are clear of the chute and in the blower. • Pull balls from blower manually and load all balls on top rack, ensuring all 75 are present. This checklist is to be used by bingo callers every Saturday when calling bingo from the CTV studio. Some Bingo Centres feature a “must go” night, when the progressive jackpot must be won.

The terms and conditions of the licence prohibit promotional or advertising material on bingo paper, unless it promotes the licensee and is placed by the licensee. And/or in cooperation with the Operator. The Operator of the bingo hall is subject to certain restrictions in this area. For a complete description of the types of advertising and promotion that may be carried out by a licensee or an Operator, see “9.7.1. Bingo advertising and promotion”. Where the applicant is an individual charity the application must also include the account number of the designated bingo trust account that will be used to administer the game. A Table Board Bingo event must be conducted in a fixed time slot. That is, the licensee must hold the event in the same time slot each day and cannot move it to another time slot. The municipality may only licence a break open ticket event if it is not held in conjunction with another gaming event. Municipalities may license Media Bingo events for prize boards of up to $5,500. All other policies for Regular Bingo events licensed by a municipality, as outlined in Section 9.3.1, apply to Table Board Bingo games. The Loonie Pot Bingo prize must be part of the up to $5,500 prize board for the regular game schedule.

’s share of the net proceeds. Only actual expenses may be charged. The one per cent is a maximum allowable expense and must be supported by invoices. Funds to pay for administrative costs may not be pooled into a separate account. Operators may offer advertising space within the hall to third party sponsors only in return for promotional considerations that go directly to players. Operators may not sell advertising space. Operators and/or licensees may establish customer loyalty programs that reward customers for their patronage, based on the frequency of their visits. A “visit” is defined as one session of not less than 1.5 hours. Customers may redeem their accumulated loyalty points for rewards in the form of giveaways of non-gaming products. Customer loyalty points cannot be redeemed for cash. Operators may host other types of promotional contests including those that extend across more than one bingo hall. Must contribute its 60 per cent from the up to two per cent it is allowed to spend for advertising.

  • Although today with online bingo, anyone from any geographic location can play this form of bingo.
  • If the paper is purchased in Canadian funds, the prizes must be paid out in Canadian funds.
  • Then ask your child to find a square on the bingo board which contains the correct spelling variation for that word.
  • The licensee must offer variable prize amounts for Table Board Bingo games, based on a percentage of the revenue collected for each game.
  • A licensee may choose to opt out of the joint marketing plan and conduct its own advertising and promotion.
  • Be sure to use only the dauber, not a pen or felt marker.

The licensee must set up internal financial controls to reconcile all the transactions involved in the conduct of the bingo event. The licensee must conduct and manage the Progressive Bingo game in the designated fixed time slot specified on the licence. The Table Board Bingo licence application must specify the days and time slots when each Table Board Bingo event will be conducted. The licensee must provide a letter of credit for all Special Bingo events where the prize board is $10,000 or more. The letter of credit must have an expiry date of at least 45 days after the event date. The licensee is permitted to sell tickets that allow customers to prepay for bingo paper before the date of the event.